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100% Grass fed?

Why is this important?

Here we look at the differences between 100% Grass fed beef and ordinary beef.

  1. I THOUGHT ALL COWS ATE GRASS? - No, sadly not. Many cows are kept confined indoors and fed grain, some are grazed outside on grass but end up being fed grain to fatten them up. Like all productions systems some people have made it an intensive operation. Raising 100% grass fed animals is an art, its slower and requires careful management. 
  2. IS IT BETTER FOR THE COWS? - Yes, and better for your family too. Animals kept out doors in family groups raised entirely on grass have very little stress, this has a direct impact on the health of the animal and the health of the meat. Cows have not evolved to eat grain, they get problems with digestion which needs anti-biotics to control.
  3.  WHY IS IT HEALTHIER? - When you look at the meat from a grass fed cow, you will notice the fat layer is slightly yellow. This is caused by beta carotene from the grass, this makes vitamin A in the body and is also a powerful anti oxidant. It also has a role preventing cancer cell growth and cardio vascular deseases. The meat has four to six times less fat than grain-fed beef and contains only half the saturated fat. This means it as lean as poultry or wild game!
  4. I THOUGHT EATING MEAT WAS UNSUSTAINABLE? - Depends on what meat. Intensive beef is not only bad its very unsustainable. Unfortunately a lot of the discussion on meat and sustanability lumps all meat together. 100% grass fed is wholly sustainable. Well managed pastured animals are a recipe for healthy soil, this means microbes and invertebrates multiply, wildlife proliferates and we get to turn sunlight into protein using grass a substance we cannot digest.
  5. HOW CAN I TELL IF THE MEAT I BUY IS 100% GRASS FED? -  Pasture for life producers are certified 100% grass fed. Make sure you buy your meat from a farmer who is a member of the PFLA. You can also buy dairy from PFLA certified farmers as well.
  6. DOES IT TASTE ANY DIFFERENT? - Yes, it has a deeper richer flavour, it holds its colour better for longer and it can happily be hung for longer.  Because the meat is leaner you can cook it at a lower heat for a shorter time. Because there is less fat, there is less shrinkage.