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The Hampton Gay Longhorn herd, 100% Grass fed

Formed in September 2016 from 6 cows with calves at foot we have grown to a combined herd of 36

Being a conservation driven farm, we decided to use a native breed. Old English Longhorns were the ideal combination, able to graze outside all year round and with the ability to grow despite varied grass quality.

We like a low input approach to farming. It means less stress on the animals and less stress on us humans. It means no anti-biotics and no supplements. The cows self medicate on natural herb rich pastures, so our vets bills are minimal. It also means we know just how sustainable and healthy our meat is. 
Slowly grown - 100 % Grass fed is our mantra, its everything we believe the animals want and that people need. Its higher in Omega 3, better for the environment and improves our soil health. We are members of the PFLA Pasture Fed Livestock Association and are in Organic pre-certification. 
Carefully nurtured cattle kept in family groups, means we dont need to wean the calves from their mothers. In fact we keep last years calves with the herd where we can and they form a close knit bonded family group each helping the other. We care deeply about the cows and the environment, neither can be rushed and we hope you feel the same and will appreciate this makes for a special and fairly rare product.


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