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Conservation at Hampton Gay


Aims and Aspirations

Having taken on a small mixed farm we want to keep it that way so we are doing the following.

- Planting 2km Mixed species hedging
- Repairing stock fencing
- Replacing metal gates with timber
- Extensive Tree planting
- Leaving hedges to Grow
- Orchard Planting
- Conversion of Arable to Herbal Leys
- River bank protection
- Digging Ponds
- Barn Owl Boxes
- Leaving long grass, no topping
- Conversion and repair of old Barns


Achieved to Date

Since April 2016 we have achieved the following:

- Converted Arable to herbal leys 70 Acres
- Planted 8 Acres of Wnter bird food
- Planted 500m native hedges
- laid 1Km water pipe
- started holistic grazing management
- taken late hay cuts
- clean and repaired barn owl boxes
- stopped all pesticide, nitrogen and Glyphosate use
- Started native Long Horn herd
- Converting whole farm to Organic Certification


We Also....

Just a few of the other measures we are taking.

- Leaving standing Deadwood
- We have 8 Beehives
- Wildflower margins
- Woodland Coppicing and management
- Signal Crayfish trapping eating
- Grey Squirrel Control
- Encouraging Rabbits
- River flow management


Future Plans

- River and Pond pasture pumps
- Hard standing for cattle troughs
- Gutters and water collection on barns
- Solar water and panels
- Hydro generator
- Trees, Trees, Trees and more tree planting.
- Species rich grasslands
- Well signed public access points
- More water points
- Micro Dairy
- Wider Livestock species range
- Pop Up Restaurant
- Self Serve farm shop