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We have delicious 100% pasture-fed beef and native breed pork. Buy individual cuts or stock up with our meat boxes. Our herd of Old English Longhorn cattle graze on diverse pasture all year round, and our Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are raised outdoors, where they can root, forage and wallow.

Hampton Gay Farm

We are a traditional small mixed organic farm in the heart of Oxfordshire. Our beef is certified 100% pasture-fed. We like a low input approach to farming; it puts less stress on the animals and less stress on us too. The animals self medicate on natural herb rich pastures, so we rarely need to call our vets and use antibiotics. We know exactly what is in our meat.

How do we farm sustainably?

Learn more about organic farming, our native breeds and our conservation work.

Grilling organic back bacon

Steak season

Shop our range of sizzling steaks. We sell steaks in packs of two, or you can stock up on all our best cuts with a steak box. 

Proper pork 

We are back with glorious gammons and brilliant bangers! See our shop for smoked & unsmoked hams and Cumberland, Garlic & Plain pork sausages. This batch of sausages is from an older sow; the conventional system tells us meat from older animals won't be as good, but we disagree. Mature pork raised outdoors is seriously tasty.
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Grilling organic back bacon

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