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The Farm at
         Hampton Gay

The story of our Organic farm,
our 100% GRASS FED Beef,
and our conservation work.

Our Farm..

Manor Farm, Hampton Gay, is a small mixed 218 acre farm situated at the end of a single track dead end road on the edge of the Cotswolds, and yet just 5 miles from Oxford City. The land hasn't changed much since the Domesday book. We are bounded by the river Cherwell which has preserved the landscape for the last 500 years. Some of the pastures are designated a scheduled monument with the remains of a Saxon village which can still be seen in the undulating folds of the grass.


Are you buying 100% Grassfed beef? 

Did you know that most of the beef sold in the UK is not 100% grassfed. In fact only 60% of the cows diet has to be grass to call it Grassfed. The other 40%  is grain or other fatteners!