Maintaining English breeds 

All the animals on the farm are native to the UK. This means that they have evolved over centuries to adapt to the English countryside. Because they are well suited to our weather and terrain, it means we have a lower impact approach to farming as less human intervention is needed with these breeds.

Our breeds

English longhorn bull

Old english longhorn cattle

The Old English Longhorn Cow is the oldest breed in Britain. These beautiful animals nearly disappeared by the 1960s but thankfully were rescued by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in 1980. We formed our herd in 2016 from 6 cows with calves at foot and we have grown to a combined herd of 72. Old English Longhorns offer the ideal combination, able to graze outside all year round and with the ability to grow despite varied grass quality. The cows self medicate on our natural herb rich pastures. This means we know just how sustainable and healthy our meat is. Slowly grown - 100 % pasture-fed is our mantra, it's everything we believe the animals want and that people need. It's higher in Omega 3, better for the environment and dramatically improves our soil health. Carefully nurtured cattle kept in family groups, means we don't need to wean the calves from their mothers. In fact we keep last year's calves with the herd where we can and they form a close knit bonded family group each helping the other. We care deeply about the cows and the environment, neither can be rushed and we hope you feel the same and will appreciate this makes for a special and unique product.

Large black newborn piglets

Oxford sandy and black pigs

Twenty years ago Oxford Sandy & Blacks were on the brink of extinction. Being native to the UK, they are well adapted to the environment. We rear all our pigs organically to the highest welfare standards, this means they have plenty of space to roam, forage and wallow. They live outdoors on pasture all year round. We feed them organic feed, fallen apples from the orchard, spent apple crush from our onsite Pommery and acorns gathered from the great Oaks that grow in our fields. The combination of breed, diet and quality of life gives the meat a great flavour and tenderness you will not find in conventional pork. 

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