Who we are 

We are a small family run farm working in harmony with nature. We are passionate about the environment and sustainability. We farm with the animals in mind and our meat is of the highest ethical standards.

Tim and Juliet moved to Hampton Gay in 2016 having spent many years living in London. They both come from a long line of farmers and gardeners. It was always a dream for both of them to run their own farm but it was Tim’s choice to focus on building an organic suckler herd of Old English Longhorn cattle.

Our team


Tim's father was a renowned botanist and author who laid the foundations of the Millenium Seed Bank. From his father, he developed a keen interest in biodiversity and sustainability.

sales and marketing

Atlanta is in charge of sales and marketing. She runs the farm's Instagram account and is often seen crouched down in the fields taking pictures of all the animals. She loves cooking and baking in her free time and has her own food Instagram.


Juliet‘s family on her mother’s side go back generations as farmers in Somerset and she used to spend every summer helping out at her grandparents sheep farm near Wincanton, Somerset.

farm manager

Annie is interested in how regenerative farming with a focus on soil & biodiversity can help the farm to become more ecologically & financially resilient. Alongside managing the farm she works with Pasture for Life, Vidacycle and Farmerama Radio on building their communities. 

How we farm

As consumers what we buy directly affects the health of the world around us and the health of our immediate family. We are a conservation driven farm. This means we farm in harmony with nature. We believe it is best to work with nature instead of against it.

Our aim is to regenerate the land by encouraging soil health and biodiversity; this involves reducing soil disturbance, encouraging a diverse range of living plants and planning our grazing so the land has plenty of time to rest. We don't use any pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers on the farm, and so we are certified organic. 

We want what is best for our animals. Our pigs are fed the highest quality, organic feed and live outdoors, foraging, rooting and wallowing to their hearts' content. Our cows are Pasture for Life certified, this means that our meat is 100% pasture-fed. 


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